Success – A Growing Mindset


Success – A Growing Mindset

Success is the state of meeting an agreed set of standards. It can be thought of as the opposite of failure. The standards for success can be relative to a specific perception or understanding, and are based on individual interpretation. Some definitions of success include: achieving the maximum attainable goal; bestowing most rewards available to an individual, or the greatest degree of quality obtained from a human endeavor.

No one defines success. Because of this there can be a constant struggle between people trying to be successful, as each attempts to attain a perceived standard of success that they think is best for them. People can and do strive for success in many different ways. One way is to get a college degree. Another way is to write a book and then to market it successfully. One way is to work in an occupation for a significant amount of time, while another way is to pursue an entrepreneurial dream.

No one can truly define success because it is a subjective state that is rooted in each individual. This is not to say that no one can accomplish set goals, because everyone can. What I am saying is that successful people have a growth mindset, where they understand that with hard work, persistence, determination, and persistence they can achieve their goals. They understand that there will be frustration, disappointment, failure, but that if they persevere they will reach their goals.

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