How to Get to the Real Truth


How to Get to the Real Truth

In political philosophy, a perspective is a certain way or attitude through which an individual views something. This literal use of the term dates back to 17th century France. The dictionary definition of the term is “a distinctively defined opinion or view.” This definition is inclusive of the attitude of an international group of nations that may not fully agree on every issue.

Some political philosophers see the world as a struggle between “the people” and “the power.” They use different terms for the power and the people; some call it the will of the majority, while others prefer to call it power. Through this lens, those who hold different perspectives on important issues become enemies. One might call it chauvinism, xenophobia, and racism. Depending on the political philosopher, however, one might call these differing political philosophies, “oppression,” “oppression toward others,” or “discrimination.”

These political philosophers argue that some are more powerful, smarter, or deserving than others, thus they are oppressing them through the practice of discrimination, bullying, and power politics. Through various arguments, these power brokers maintain that their perspectives are right because the truth is known and everyone knows it. This might be true, but it doesn’t mean that other perspectives don’t have an actual truth, one that can’t be falsified because it’s part of all truth. Through a higher awareness of our personal reality and through compassion for others who suffer, we can find peace and a new path for our own existence.

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