What Are Christian Perspectives?

In psychology, a perspective is simply a particular way or attitude through which an individual views something. This figurative use of the word dates back to 1760s. When I was a child I loved to tell my friends that I was the only person who knew the answer to every question, and any time someone else gave me an answer that I didn’t know I would declare “You didn’t know what you were talking about!” Or if someone gave me an answer that I thought was obvious, I could say, “So which one did you think of, stupid ass?”


One of my favorite classes in training is a perspectives course. In this 2-day introductory course students explore three of the most common assumptions we have regarding the Bible and Christianity. The first day begins with the introduction to the Bible, including why the Bible is the greatest book ever written, the life of Jesus and other important historical figures. The second day explores our views of hell, God, heaven, and the future life of Christ.

The final day explores our biblical perspectives on the globalization of the church, our views of global warming, and the role of the church in helping people and the planet become a better place. The class is taught by Bill Bright with Dr. Jamie Johnson as the featured expert. This is a great class for those who are already Christians, but want to deepen their understanding of the Bible and the Christian mission.

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