Perspectives About Aggression

In art, a perspective is a specific viewpoint or way of thinking about something. It can also be called a lens through which we view something else or even ourselves. The use of this word dates back to 1760, when Descartes used it to describe his mind-set toward geometry. Ever since then, artists have used it to paint different-looking canvasses, usually portraying the subject as situated at one angle of a circle while another figure is at a different angle and so on.


There are many other common uses of this term, all of which refer to behaviorism. However, a notable usage is in the context of modeling through physical models. As an example, some behaviorists might explain the way people act by referring to the four possible perspectives through which they can act, these perspectives being left, right, up, and down. Another might describe how this works by means of the concept of proximal conditioning, the idea that the best way to know something is to know it in the context of some other existing knowledge. And yet another might insist that all of these perspectives are real because they all describe the same observable behavior.

One might suppose that all these would make a great circle, but there is one more perspective that might be called the most important of them all. It is the biological perspective. This view suggests that human behavior is not governed by any single kind of explanatory template, that a number of different perspectives can help us better understand human behavior and that each of these perspectives can in fact be used to explain different kinds of behavior. For instance, it might be explained through the biological perspective that people become angry or tense and that this causes a variety of different kinds of changes in their body systems and environments. Similarly, it could be explained through the biological perspective that various kinds of stress in people cause changes in the body’s functions and that these stressors are responsible for causing aggression and other undesirable human behavior.

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