Exploring The Different Perspectives In Social Media Marketing

In social science, a perspective is a particular way or attitude through which an individual views something. This figurative use of the word dates back to 1760, when the English philosopher John Locke used the term to describe his own particular brand of political impartiality. He believed that all truths were equivalent, thus using the word “opinion” to describe a way of thinking that disagreed with the prevailing majority opinion. Locke went on to state that those who held contradictory opinions were “idiots”. However, this usage has since been widely accepted throughout the world and is often used to describe a range of political, religious, and emotional views.


Perspectives in psychology are often considered as opposing tendencies. For example, human behavior research often suggests that people who have right-wing political beliefs are often ultra-reactionary, driven by a strong sense of fear and power. Meanwhile, research into human behavior indicates that those who have left-wing political beliefs are typically social liberals motivated primarily by an interest in fairness. There are also a number of perspectives in psychology, especially in its human behavior focus that are considered controversial. Some suggest that there may be no such thing as a basic set of human behaviors, instead there are only broad patterns of human behavior that vary between individuals. Others believe that human behavior is completely driven by biological predispositions.

There are many different perspectives in social media marketing. Depending on what type of social media platform is being utilized, the marketing techniques used may differ. Many experts recommend that marketing should be undertaken across a variety of different perspectives in order for a strategy to be fully effective. As technology continues to advance, the Internet and its impact on marketing may only continue to grow and develop into a more diverse tool that can be adapted by different market sectors.

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