What To Expect

The Evaluation Process

Patient Registration Forms

Upon checking in with the receptionist, you will be given the new patient registration forms. It is crucial to the evaluation process that you are as specific as possible regarding any and all medications (prescription/ OTC) including vitamins and herbs that you are currently taking as this will assist the consultant in your overall profile analysis.

What to Expect During the Consultation

A knowledgeable consultant will be able to provide you with information about treating your particular symptoms and answer all of your questions regarding the HCG Weight Loss Plan. The consultant will go over the details of the plan, including what to expect as you proceed down the path to regaining your optimal health. Consultations take 30-45 minutes and the initial blood work can be done the same day in most cases if you decide to proceed with treatment.

Reasons for Lab Studies

Blood work will be done and a compete metabolic panel will be run before the diet plan is started. Specific laboratory testing must be performed in our office to ensure adequate results.

The Long Term Benefits

With a few simple changes in the way you approach your health and lifestyle, you can expect your energy levels to rise, promoting a longer and healthier quality of life.

The Follow Up

Follow-ups are ideally every week and consist of weighing in and receiving your B-12 injection, which is included in the total cost of the In-Office protocol.