Weight Loss Solutions

HCG Weight Loss Plan

Lose up to 40 lbs in 40 days!

With one-third of Americans obese and many more overweight, our nation is desperate for a weight-loss miracle. The HCG diet is a combination of daily dose of “human chorionic gonadotropin” and caloric restriction. It targets the stubborn fat and has many people slimming off those pounds and inches! The HCG Weight Loss Protocol is also offered in a 26 Day Protocol.

Metabolic Testing

Take the guesswork out of weight loss!

Metabolic testing identifies your unique target caloric zones so that you can lose weight without depriving yourself, using a custom meal plan that is as unique as you! We customize nutritional, balanced meal plans based upon actual caloric needs, metabolic rate, and desired goals.

Lipotropic Vitamin Injections

Feel your best while burning fat!

Lipotropic Injections are a combination of vitamins and amino acids, and can be a helpful aide in weight loss. With these injections, you can experience an increase in energy, a boost in metabolism, burn fat easier, regulate cholesterol, reduce stress, and accelerate carb/sugar metabolism.